RDF solutions in Drupal and Agrovoc use case discussed at DrupalCon

On August 26th, at DrupalCon in Copenhagen, two "Birds of a Feather" meetings were held on Drupal and RDF.
Stéphane Carlosquet and Lin Clark demonstrated the latest versions of their modules (and also RDFa in core) and in the last sessions several use cases were discussed, among which our use case for an integration of Agrovoc directly from SKOS.
Several solutions to this and to other common use cases were proposed and discussed, some already usable in Drupal 6, some others (the best) working only in Drupal 7. Some of these solutions are also applicable to our AGRIS 2010 use case.
More technical details later.
Stéphane summarized the two BoF sessions for the RDF group on Drupal.org:
"Today at DrupalCon Copenhagen, we've had the biggest gathering of RDF enthusiasts at the two Birds of a Feather we had during the day. I don't have the exact number but I think we had about 40 people combined." (http://groups.drupal.org/node/89589)


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