AgriDrupal "demo package": versions and RoadMap

[Draft, work in progress]
Please be reminded that what we call "AgriDrupal demo package" is not a tool that we officially distribute or maintain: it is only a demo Drupal setup packaged with the features that we find useful for agricultural information management.
The versions available for download come with no guarantee, are not maintained and are to be considered test versions for circulation in the AgriDrupal community and for testign and adoption only by users who know Drupal and can use and customize AgriDrupal with no assistance.

Deadlines are only indicative, they are only there to give an idea of our plans.
To make sure you download the current latest version of the AgriDrupal demo package, download it from the latest version folder here:

Versions 0.7 - 0.7.3
1) XML/RDF/RSS exports compliant with agreed Application Profiles (the stable ones to start with: Agris AP, Ag-Event AP and Ag-Org AP)
2) OAI data provider
3) Indexing of resources with Agrovoc
4) Internal authority control for authors, journals and conferences.
Deadline: 20 April 2010 (IAALD Montpellier)
READY (superseded by version 075)
Version 0.7.5
1) Content import functionalities from archives in standard formats (Dublin Core, Agris AP, standard RSS feeds) (later other library standards)
2) Basic community functions
3) Fine-tuning of 0.7 functionalities (e.g. replacement of FeedAPI with Feeds)
Deadline: December 2010
READY:  (superseded by version 076)
Version 0.7.6
1) Manual indexing with Agrovoc using the "Agrovoc field" module version 1 (improved interface with auto-complete)
2) Additional metadata sets for the OAI data provider interface (Agris AP, MODS)?
Deadline: July 2011
READY: by version 077)
Version 0.7.7
1) Better Agris AP import functionalities; better OAI-PMH compliance;
2) Additional metadata set support for the OAI-PMH provider: AGRIS Application Profile.
Deadline: November 2011
READY: by version 078)

Version 0.7.8
Same features as version 0.7.7 with completely revised content types and views in order to make them easier to re-use it in other Drupal installations and to allow for future upgrades based on (Agri)Drupal "Features" (soon available here: (More on Drupal "Features":
Important: first version compatible with Features (easy to upgrade with new AgriDrupal functionalities)
Deadline: January 2012
Version 0.8
1) RDF store and SPARQL endpoint
2) Option to use external authority services for journals (and authors?) through the Workbench web services / SPARQL engine
3) OAI harvester
4) Automatic indexing using Agrovoc through the Agrotagger web services: "Agrovoc field" module expanded
Deadline: May 2012
Version 0.9
1) Indexing against other RDF ontologies, i.e. geo-political ontology)
2) Improvement of the user interface
3) Procedures in place for the provision and maintenance of "installation profiles"
Deadline: October 2012
Version 1.0
final bug fixing and fine-tuning
Deadline: December 2012


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