Using the AiDA XML schema to describe projects in agriculture

We are working on a metadata set for describing projects in agriculture.
We were developing an Application Profile using elements from Dublin Core and from AgMes (in order to fulfil our needs we were going to add some new elements to the AgMes namespace). Then, after re-analyzing the AiDA schema for describing "activities", we found that all the elements that we included in the AP are there, and that some additional AiDA elements actually provide something that was missing or still under discussion in the AP (like relations). So, in order to apply the principle of re-using what is already available if it suits the needs, we are seriously considering using the AiDA schema for describing projects.We would be interested in discussing this issue, especially the technical issues related to the re-usability of the XML schema with other controlled vocabularies (like different authority files for organizations and the AGROVOC thesaurus for subject terms).

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