New version of AGROVOC Field module for Drupal: automatic indexing

The AgriDrupal team released a new version (v. 6.3) of the AgrovocField module for Drupal 6, now available at

Powerful functionalities

This new version has two powerful functionalities for the use of AGROVOC in an information system:

  • Automatic indexing
    It allows users to let Drupal assign automatically AGROVOC terms to contents, simply by saving the content: no manual selection of AGROVOC terms is necessary. Intelligent term extraction algorithms analyze the text and assign the AGROVOC terms (labels and URIs are stored in the system, as in the previous version of the module).

    The administrator of the system can decide if nodes of a specific type should be indexed manually (with an auto-complete box) or automatically. In the latter case it is also up to the administrator which piece of text is to be analyzed and indexed: the body of the web page or an attached file. The next version of the module will also allow to index the content of an external document whose URL is provided in one of the fields of the node. Administrators can decide to switch from manual to automatic indexing and vice-versa at any time.

  • Remote/local AGROVOC setting
    It lets administrators decide if the remote AGROVOC web services have to be used or a local copy of the database and the local functions. This way the module can be also used in off-line applications or in situations of bad connectivity. This setting can be changed at any time.

Making AGROVOC easier to use in information systems

This new version of the module is a big step ahead in making AGROVOC easier to use in information systems. The author of the module is Adam Sanchez of CONDESAN, a long-time collaborator of the AIMS team and a very valued member of the AgriDrupal community.


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