Basic Agrovoc search/index Drupal module

[These are the preliminary requirements, the final version of this module and related documentation are here]
This module encapsulates the Agrovoc indexing functionality implemented in AgriDrupal 0.7 into a Drupal module that also provides a nicer user interface in the search window.
Almost ready (in red, things to be done), created by Adam

  1. Calls the Agrovoc web services version 2.0 (old version, not RDF)

  2. Allows to:

    1. open an Agrovoc popup window from any taxonomy field in any content type (either a core taxonomy field or a CCK taxonomy field, provided that the field id contains a specific string);

    2. search Agrovoc from the popup window, select terms from different searches and finally automatically put the selected values in the taxonomy field, separated by commas (if there is an additional taxonomy field that stores the Agrovoc IDs, again identified by an id that contains a specific string, the Agrovoc terms IDs are also stored; and if there are additional fields that store the terms in other languages, again identified by an id that contains a specific string, also terms in other languages are stored)


Basic architecture for an Agrovoc indexing field40 KB

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