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Useful information on AgriDrupal projects can be shared in this wiki page.
More detailed information on single projects can be given by adding child pages (see link below)

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. AgriDrupal-related projects
    1. 1.1 India: IIT Kanpur
    2. 1.2 China: Sun-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou
    3. 1.3 US: Cornell University
    4. 1.4 US:  Rangeland West Universities
    5. 1.5 GC Centers
    6. 1.6 FAO

1. AgriDrupal-related projects

1.1 India: IIT Kanpur
Responsible person: Prof. T. V. Prabhakar
Contact person: Meeta Bagga
Areas of work:
a. automatic indexing of contents against a sub-set of Agrovoc terms
b. repository management
Projects: Agropedia Indica , OpenAgri and Agrotagger
1.2 China: Sun-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou
Responsible person: Burley Wang
Contact person: Armon Chen
Areas of work:
a. Integration of RDF stores / ontologies in Drupal
b. manual and automatic indexing of contents against the integrated ontologies
1.3 US: Cornell University
Responsible person: John Fereira
Areas of work:
a. library websites in Drupal
b. Drupal as a Front End to the VIVO Ontology System
See Cornell University Drupal Work child page for more information
1.4 US:  Rangeland West Universities
Contact people: Matt Rahr and Wolfgang Grunberg (University of Arizona) 
Areas of work:
a. library websites with Drupal
b. Rangeland Repository project
1.5 GC Centers
1.5.1 ILRI
1.5.2 ICARDA
Contact person: Bernard Hack 
Areas of work: website redevelopment
See redesign child page  for more information
1.5.3 IFPRI
1.5.4 ICRAF
1.6 FAO
1.6.1 OEKC
Responsible person: Johannes Keizer
Areas of work:
a. "AgriDrupal": identification, dissemination and integration of solutions for agricultural information management based on Drupal; identification of specific installation profiles for specific needs;
b. repository management;
c. management of communities with Drupal.
- interface to the AGRIS search engine, AIMS website (this one), AgriFeeds
- AgriDrupal customizations: Bangladesh, Ghana, Zambia. 
1.6.2 OEKR
Projects: TECA, a database of technologies in agriculture.
1.7 HarvestChoice & EthicShare
Responsible person: Chad Fennell
Areas of work:
a. Drupal Development: citation management (unAPI, CCK/Field API-based citation management, Personal Information Management, Search and Indexing, Link Resolution - see: Link Resolver, etc.)
b. Only Scholarly Communities with Drupal


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