Participation in the RDA plenary meeting

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international initiative started in 2013 by a core group of agencies interested in all data-related aspects of research (the European Commission, the US National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation). RDA holds biennial plenary meetings, and the one held in Amsterdam from 22 to 25 October 2014 is the fourth since the start of the initiative.  
The RDA Agriculture Data Interest Group had two parallel sessions at the conference. The sessions had the objective of bringing together stakeholders in different agricultural data initiatives to share experiences on producing, managing, aggregating, sharing and consuming data for agricultural research and innovation.
GFAR’s information systems specialist Valeria Pesce presented the new CIARD RING, inviting partners to register their datasets there and to participate in the Open AGRIgate challenge that takes place on the RING platform.
The sessions also included a special slot for showcasing the outputs of the agINFRA project, in which GFAR participates: Valeria Pesce introduced the work done in the agINFRA project on Linked Data.
Institutions that were represented at the sessions besides GFAR include FAO, the CG Consortium, CCAFS/CIAT, CIMMYT, Wageningen University, CAAS, ISI India, INRA and Purdue University.
A report of the sessions is available on the RDA web site.
The agenda and slides are available at the Interest Group homepage.
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