AgriVIVO prototype published

The AgriVIVO prototype was published on 31/01/2013. In this initial phase, the link has been circulated only among a few members of the communities that have been involved in the pilot.
The prototype will be officially launched in March 2013.

AgriVIVO is a search portal built to facilitate connections between all actors in the agricultural field, bridging across separately hosted directories and online communities.

AgriVIVO highlights the relationships between people, organizations, projects, events, topics and geographic locations because  connections between potential collaborators can take many forms, from geographic location to topics of interest to affiliation with similar institutions.

AgriVIVO is based on the VIVO open source semantic web application initially developed at Cornell University and now adopted by several cross-institutional research discovery projects.

GFAR, Cornell, FAOAgriVIVO was initiated and is led by the Global Forum on Agrocultural Research, in collaboration with Cornell University and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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