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AgINFRA is an FP7 European project whose goal is to develop an infrastructure for scientific agricultural data and to improve service deployment for data. 
The project ended on 15 February 2015 and the final review by the European Commission took place on 27/03/2015.
GFAR participated in the project with FAO. I coordinated Work Package 5 "Data Policies, Workflows, Interoperability & Integration".
The main tasks in WP5 were:
- Create a Linked Data layer (vocabularies and Linked Data platforms) for the data owned by the partners and support partners in the publication of these data, especially soil and germplasm data
- Support the interoperability of the data sources involved in the project
- Support the integration of new data sources into the AGRIS mashup
- Register all data sources and data providers in the RING and make the RING fully machine-readable so that developers on other work packages could build applications on it. 
The final review with the Project Officer and the three reviewers from the European Commission took place on 27 March in the offices of the European Commission.
The project was evaluated in a very positive way by the EC reviewers, who complimented the Consortium on the presentation we gave, recognized that we had delivered everything that we had to deliver, acknowledged the fact that we had followed up on all the recommendations given by the second review and especially highlighted the work done on the publication of new data and the outstanding sustainability plan that we had prepared.
Regarding the publication of new data, they particularly appreciated the work on soil data and soil ontologies done in collaboration between FAO and GFAR on one side and the Italian Agricultural Research Council on the other.
As for sustainability, the sustainability of the results of a project has become a very important criterion in the evaluation of EC projects and the reviewers appreciated the fact that all the products delivered or enhanced during the project will be maintained by the various partners and will remain accessible both through the RING and through a new post-agINFRA website that will continue promoting these platforms, will allow other data managers and developers to contribute and will offer support to data managers who want to publish data and comply with the H2020 open data requirements.
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