Authors:  asanchez75 Technical documentation on the Agrovoc Field module for Drupal AttachmentSize Agrovoc Field module: architecture108.99 KB AgriDrupal
Our colleague Adam is going to give a keynote speech on Drupal and semantic web at "Drupal Summit Latino" in Lima. Contents of the session: Definiciones básicas XML, RDF, OWL, SKOS, SPARQL,...
Short Introduction In the context of the CIARD Content Management Task Force (CMTF), discussions have been held and a few activities have been planned for setting up an "Information Management...
We looked at the problem considering the various layers: 1.      Data layer a.      Could use VocBench but is often slow – might be best to leave the editing and dissemination environments separate b...
Participants: Adam Sanchez (Condesan) Armon Chen (Sun-Yat-Sen University) Burley Wang (Sun-Yat-Sen University) Ahsan Morshed (FAO) Valeria Pesce (GFAR)Background: Adam Sanchez from Condesan has...
Instructions to implement manual Agrovoc indexing (with an Agrovoc search popup) in Drupal without the need of a dedicated module. 1. Taxonomies to create A) A taxonomy with no multilingual settings...
Valeria and I are in Tucson, participating in the inception workshop of the ISE-NIFA project on a global Knowledge System for Range Lands.  we will report life from the workshop.  Photos are at http...
On August 26th, at DrupalCon in Copenhagen, two "Birds of a Feather" meetings were held on Drupal and RDF. Stéphane Carlosquet and Lin Clark demonstrated the latest versions of their modules (and...
A first tentative Power Point presentation about AgriDrupal. It was used during an internal briefing in FAO. It will be revised after further discussion with the members of the community....
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