Presentation on dataset description vocabularies
Devika Madalli and ARD Prasad of the Indian Institute of Statistics invited me to give a lecture on the description of datasets using semantic vocabularies during the International Workshop on Open...
Kimmo Rossi presenting relevant activities of DG CONNECT at the 2nd BDE SC2 workshop
[As FAO focal point for the Big Data Europe H2020 project, I wrote this blog post for the Big Data Europe website and the GFAR website] GFAR is participating together with FAO in the H2020 project “...
GODAN Action map of data standards - homepage
[As FAO/GFAR focal point for the global map of data standards for food and agriculture in the GODAN Action project, I wrote this blog post for the GODAN website and the GFAR website] As announced at...
Agro Hackathon: discovering AgroPortla and AgroLD
GFAR has already worked in collaboration with other partners, especially FAO, on the facilitation of global directories of data relevant to food and agriculture (the CIARD RING directory of datasets...
Presentation on Big Data Europe
The aim of this international meeting, organized by AgroKnow and INRA and sponsored by FAO, was to identify the components of a >10-year roadmap for an open, shared, distributed data...
From Twitter: Talking about #GODAN with colleagues from Oman and Jordan at GCARD3
[Posted on the GODAN website:] The Third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD3) took place on 5-8 April...
RDA IGAD Tokyo 2016
[Extract from "1st IGAD BREAKOUT GROUP AT THE RDA 7 –  Results of the IGAD Pre-Meeting RDA P7: adopting RDA outputs" posted on the AIMS website:]  The IGAD breakout...
GODAN logo
At GFIA Africa, in Durban, I had the pleasure of moderating the panel session on open data organised by GODAN (with GFAR and CTA): the session explored challenges and opportunities of open data for...
BDE logo
The full report of the first BDE workshop on “Big Data for Food, Agriculture and Forestry” is available here. Overall, what came out of the discussions was that the special thing about big data in...
agINFRA logo
The agINFRA project of the European Commission (EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2) was successfully completed. agINFRA aimed at developing a shared infrastructure and computationally...
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