Research Data Alliance 7th plenary, Tokyo - IGAD breakout group on Interoperability and Availability

RDA IGAD Tokyo 2016

[Extract from "1st IGAD BREAKOUT GROUP AT THE RDA 7 –  Results of the IGAD Pre-Meeting RDA P7: adopting RDA outputs" posted on the AIMS website:] 

The IGAD breakout group on Interoperability and Availability, chaired by Pascal Neveu (INRA), Cyril Pommier (INRA) and Valeria Pesce (GODAN/GFAR) including 19 experts from Japan, France, Greece, USA, Italy, China, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, and United Kingdom, discussed the current issues on interoperability and availability of agricultural data.

They discussed data visibility – where data is published and how searchable it is; its lifecycle – the long-term availability of data, taking into account format format perenity, secure storage and specific minimal metadata. They also considered data elaboration levels – raw, elaborated or download and web service, and resource identification: how data is named and shared; if it is unambiguous or unique, machine-readable, open access, consistent format, persistent.

On the action front the Group addressed the need to build a framework to connect and update existing ontologies; specifically, a main entry point to vocabularies, with a distributed approach but central registry and unified querying functionalities.

This type of portal would leverage technology that is already available through the AgroPortal, theVEST Registry and Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (GACS) and would interlink with other registries like the CIARD RING, building on the concept of AgriSemantics discussed in previous meetings. Interest levels from many international organisations in this kind of framework would be high.

Elsewhere, action is needed on standardizing farming management information systems (FMIS). Standard vocabularies and harmonized variables to be promoted in FMIS as well as mapping between crop list vocabularies, and grape ontology extension.

An additional action agreed upon by all participants is that data sets from all institutions should published in The Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research.

Because of the scope of the framework building, the Group agreed to put the wheels in motion on one or more new Working Groups (WG), under the provisional title: AgriSemantics. A person from INRA and a person from FAO / GFAR / GODAN would chair the WG.

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